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HOLY COMMUNION FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAYS. June July August, Service at 9. No Sunday School. Theological Axioms collected by Walther. This month's theme:

Ecclesiology (doctrine of the Church).

God be praised, even a child seven years old knows what the Church is: namely the holy believers, the lambs who hear their Shepherd's voice. For so the children say in their prayers, "I believe in the holy Christian Church." (Smalcald Articles) Keith&Polly Lukens After the Fall into sin, free will [in spiritual matters] is something that exists in name only; and when it does all it can, it sins mortally.
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Trinity 7

Deuteronomy 13:1-11

Christ clearly says that the good seed is the children of the kingdom, the weeds are the children of the devil, and the field is the world, not the church.

[Matthew 13:24-43]

(Augusburg Confession: Apology)

VBS 6-Supper

6:30-8 Lessons

Mike Mendoza

VBS 6-Supper

6:30-8 Lessons

The Christian Church is, properly speaking, nothing other than the assembly of all believers and saints.

(Augsburg Confession)

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Trinity 8

Jeremiah 15:19-21


We make a correct confession in the Creed, when we say, "We believe in the Holy Christian Church," for it is invisible and lives in a place no one can come to. (Luther) 7 p.m. Bible Study The Holy Church of Christ says, "I believe in the Holy Christian Church," but then the erring church says, "I see the holy Christian Church." (Luther) Mike Tjernagel

Amy Edwards

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Trinity 9

Exodus 32:1-14


James&Angie Utterback

Through God's Word, the church is born, sustained, nurtured, and strengthened. (Augustine) Kylie Franzen 7 p.m. Bible Study You must not look for any who have been elected apart from the crowd of those who have been called. (Quenstedt)

Alana Knutson You must not look for an invisible church apart from the visible church, rather, the former is included within the latter. (Quenstedt)

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Trinity 10

Jeremiah 7:1-7

We see the assembly of people that is the visible church, but we do not see whether a particular person is part of the invisible church. (Quenstedt) 7 p.m. Bible Study


Mark&Lisa Tjernagel

8 p.m. ISU Bible Study It is manifest that Christianity is a spiritual community, which you may not number among secular communities any more than you number spirits among bodies or faith among the temporal gifts. (Luther)















The godless are in the [visible] church, not of it: they are in it according to number, not merit. (Augustine) Just as you would know from the protruding ends of the poles, as marks of its certain presence, that the ark was in the holy of holies, although it was hidden from view, so also no one sees the church: they must believe because the Word is there as a mark of its presence. (Luther) Wherever the name "church" is taken literally and used specifically for the worldwide church, it indicates the invisible assembly of the saints and the genuine believers, since the true members of the worldwide church are nothing other than the genuine believers and saints. (Quenstedt)