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HOLY COMMUNION FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAYS Theological Axioms compiled by C. F. W. Walther. This month's theme: The Justification of the Sinner before God. No heretic can bear the grace of God. (Luther) 7 p.m. Bible Study 8 p.m. ISU Bible Study -- Durham Neither the divine nor the human nature of Christ in itself is imputed to us as righteous- ness, but only the obedience of the Person, Who is at the same time, God and human.

(Book of Concord)

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Easter 6

James 1:22-27

Faith and love can properly be distinguished, but cannot be divorced. (Gerhard)

Craig Knutson 7 p.m. Ascension Service

Acts 1:1-11

To each one who has been given forgiveness of sins for Christ's sake, is imputed, along with that, Christ's perfect righteousness. That is, for Christ sake, what he has committed is forgiven him and what he has omitted is imputed to him. (Gerhard)
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Easter 7

1 Peter 4:7-11

Council & Guild after Service

Robb & Val McMullen The righteous- ness of faith is a purely passive one. (Luther)

7 p.m. Bible Study

Richard Firmstone

We are righteous before God, NOT through the essential righteousness of God's Son Who dwells in us,but through the meritorious righteousness obtained by what He suffered and did. (Kromayer) WORK DAY AT CHURCH 8 a.m.

Meghan Barum

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Mission Sunday


You must distinguish: righteousness in view of a specific deed done; from: the righteousness of the person. (Gerhard)

7 p.m. Bible Study It is also wrong when it is taught that a human being must be saved in a different way, or though something different from that through which he is justified before God. (Book of Concord) Peter & Bridget Levorson

Pastor & Cathy Hoesch

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Romans 11:33-36

Athanasian Creed

Memorial Day

Give thanks to God for all those who sacrificed for our freedom.

Through faith, each one takes as much as he stands in need of (in order to be righteous before God). (Gerhard) 7 p.m. Bible Study God is eternal and essential righteous- ness. And God dwells in the elect through their faith. And the elect become righteous in their faith through Christ. Still, this indwelling of God is certainly not the righteousness of faith on account of which we are said to be righteous before God. (Book of Concord) +++














Be certain that God has no other way to forgive sins than through the Word He has commanded us human beings to speak. If you do not seek forgiveness of sins in the Word of God, then you will gape toward heaven waiting for grace in vain, or waiting for, as they say, inner forgiveness. (Luther) The forgiveness of sins and the imputation of righteousness are called the parts of justification, not because there are two different actions, but two different ideas; just as when you clothe someone and through one and the same action, the nakedness is covered and the clothing is there to see. (Gerhard)