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Trinity 5

1 Peter 3:8-15

Holy Communion

Eli Levorson You will live wickedly whenever you believe wickedly. INDEPENDENCE DAY -- Give thanks to God for freedom of religion. Good works have no name. (Luther) [This means that good works are not done to gain rewards, but to serve God.] Good works are not to be judged according to the words used to name them, but according to the words used to define them. (Balthezar Meisner)

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Trinity 6

Romans 6:3-11

Council after Service

Rowan Levorson

James Utterback Val McMullen 7 p.m. Bible Study First the man must be changed in order to change his works. (Augustine) Whoever does nothing does what is wicked. Whoever wishes his virtues to become public does not care about virtue, but about boasting.
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Trinity 7

Romans 4:1-8

Voters after Service

Holy Communion

Only those works are good in God's sight which are done from faith {Heb.11:6}]. Balthezar Meisner Diane Tjernagel

7 p.m. Bible Study

Craig&Julie Knutson

If someone does something in which he does not seem to sin, he is certainly found guilty of sin if he does not do it for the reason for which he is supposed to do it. (Augustine of Hippo)

Jamie Biehn
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Trinity 8

Romans 8:12-17

Whoever does something [outwardly] good unwillingly, isn't doing anything good at all. Joel&Denise Franzen

Aiden Firmstone

7 p.m. Bible Study A good work requires a good intention, but the good intention depends on faith. (Augustine) Therefore, it is faith which does every- thing when it comes to works and which gives them their value. (Luther) When the person is pleasing, then the work is pleasing too. (Kromayer)
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Trinity 9

1 Corinthians 10:6-13

Suffering makes no martyrs; rather, suffering for the right cause makes martyrs. (Augustine) WELS Study Club 10 a.m. Ames AUGUST 1ST

VBS for all ages

-Supper 6

-Class 6:30-8


VBS for all ages -Supper 6

-Class 6:30-8

On the way of the Lord, standing in one place and not moving forward is retreating. (Bernard) When you stop wanting to become better, then you stop being good.














The best good work is, according to divine justice, a mortal sin. (Luther) [Is.64:6; Titus 3:5] Regeneration is a work that requires no less of God's power than creation did. (Menzer) Although when taken in its proper and specific sense, renewal is distinguished from regeneration, it is nevertheless inseparable from it, and constantly linked to it. (Gerhard) Christians are not born, but made [reborn, by the Holy Spirit!]. (Kromayer) Not birth, but rebirth makes you into a Christian. Gerhard It is a good intention only when you want to obey God His way, according to His commandments. (Gerhard)