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Holy Communion First and Third Sundays, and as listed. Theological Axioms collected by C.F.W. Walther. This month's theme: Justification by faith. Love does not give you the right kind of faith; rather, faith gives the right kind of love. (Luther) Our faith does not pay for salvation; it only receives it. 8 p.m. ISU Bible Study - Durham Faith is not only the hand which takes hold of the cup of salvation, but it is also the spiritual mouth with which we drink from the well of salvation. (Gerhard)
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Lent 3

Ephesians 5:1-9

Winkel -- Mason City

Todd Bogenschutz

According to the nature of things, faith precedes justification, but not according to time. (Gerhard) 7 p.m. Midweek Lenten Service

Jode Edwards

8 p.m. ISU Bible Study - Durham

Joel Franzen

When the limiting word "alone" is added [to Rom. 3:28], it refers to the predicate. (Gerhard) SET CLOCKS AHEAD AT BEDTIME
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Lent 4

Galatians 4:21-31


(ISU SPRING BREAK) Faith and love can properly be distinguished, but cannot be divorced. (Gerhard) 7 p.m. Midweek Lenten Service

Faith reaches up and takes hold of Christ, with all His kindnesses, and in this connection, we say that we are justified through faith. Then faith reaches down to carry out works of love and other virtues; and in this connection, we indeed show that our faith is real, but we are not justified before God by it. (Brenz)

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Lent 5

Hebrews 9:11-15

The particle "alone" (in Rom. 3:28) excludes works, not from being present, but from having any part in bringing about the result.[salvation] (Gerhard) 7 p.m. Midweek Lenten Service

Brian Webster

8 p.m. ISU Bible Study - Durham

Robb McMullen

Every scripture passage that seems to ascribe something to works presupposes and fundamentally credits faith.


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-Questioning during Sunday School.


-Dinner after Service

When it is said of faith that it is credited as righteousness, you should always understand that usage as talking about the object of faith, or the faith that is believed in; not as the faith that does the believing, not as the act of faith itself. (Huelsemann) 7 p.m. Maundy Thursday Service with Holy Communion 7 p.m. Good Friday Tennebrae Service EASTER IS APRIL 1ST: COMMUNION Service at 8 a.m. BREAKFAST After Service.