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HOLY COMMUNION FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAYS Theological Axioms compiled by Walther. This month's theme: the Holy Sacraments. When the Word is added to the element, then it is a sacrament. (Augustine) 7pm Bible Study 8pm ISU Bible Study Durham Center A person gets birth and clothing in baptism, nourishment and medicine in the holy supper. What more could he ask for than that? (Danhauer)
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TRINITY 19 Ephesians 4:22-28 Braelyn Knutson In their administration of the sacraments, the servants of the church are distributors of someone else's kindness. (Gerhard) 7pm Bible Study 8pm ISU Bible Study Durham Center Nothing has the nature of a sacrament when it is not used in the way God instituted. (Melanchthon)

The administration of the sacrament consists in it being both given and received. (Gerhard)
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Ephesians 5:15-21



Faith does not make it into a sacrament, but makes it salutary. (Kromayer)

The sacraments are powerful, even without faith, but not salutary without faith. (Carpzov) 7pm Bible Study


Evelyn Biehn

8pm ISU Bible Study Durham Center God does everything: the priest only lends his tongue and hand. (Chrysostom)

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Trinity 21

Ephesians 6:10-17

Voters after Service

Dylan Tjernagel

If the sacrament could have given me grace just because I receive it with the flesh, then truly I have found grace by my works and not by faith in Christ. But this could never be. (Luther) 7pm Bible Study 8pm ISU Bible Study Durham Center What harm does the bad servant do you if the master is good? (Augustine) REFORMATION RALLY/CONCERT Oskaloosa 7pm
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ROMANS 3:19-28

In the use of the sacrament, it is faith, not the outward use of the sacrament, that makes us pious before God. (Apology A.C.) 7pm Bible Study In general, nothing that belongs to the Word of the gospel is to be denied the sacraments, since the sacraments are the visible Word. (Gerhard) A single thing has various aims. (Apology [Defense] of the Augsburg Confession)















Faith is just as much a result of the sacraments as it is the instrument by which they are received. (Quenstedt) The sacraments are identifiers of one's confession. (Wittenberg) You must not pass off subordinate aims as the primary aim, nor set them in opposition to it. (Gerhard) God has bound human beings, not Himself, to the arrangement. (Kromayer) That which has been instituted to provide grace is binding for the one who wants to be saved, not for the One Who saves. (Scherzer)