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HOLY COMMUNION CELEBRATED FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAYS June, July, August: no Sunday School or Adult Bible Class. SUNDAY SERVICE AT 9:00 A.M. Eli Levorson 7pm Bible Study Theological Axioms collected by Walther. This month's themes: discipleship and the Church. Where the law of God does not discriminate, we also may not discriminate. The teaching which changes true comfort into bitterness is not from God.
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Micah 7:18-20

Rowan Levorson James Utterback 7pm Bible Study

Val McMullen

Man at creation could sin or not sin. After the fall, he could do nothing but sin; after conversion he is able not to sin, but does not always use that power. In heaven, he will be unable to sin, and will forever rejoice in that power.

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Isaiah 58:6-12


The goal of the Christian life is not "happiness", but Christ. And while following Christ may result in times of unhappiness in this life, it will result in eternal joy in eternal life in heaven! 7pm Bible Study

Diane Tjernagel

Craig&Julie Knutson Life is quite simple: either you are on the path to God or the path to the enemy. It's easier to stay on the path to God with people who know the way.
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Jeremiah 16:14-21



Jaime Biehn

He who accuses all of mankind [everybody's doing it!] convicts only one. [I am doing it.] Edmund Burke So-called "difficult" passages of Scripture are only thus because of our lack of knowledge: of God, history, self. 7pm Bible Study

Joel&Denise Franzen

Aiden Firmstone

When the inspired apostle says a psalm is about Christ, no other view is to be taken, not even from an angel. It is better to have one fountain than a thousand cisterns; one all-sufficient God than a thousand insufficient friends.
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Exodus 20:1-17

A thing gets its name according to its main ingredient. The Holy Christian Church is the object of God's gracious thoughts from all eternity. 7pm Bible Study Lucifer's downfall consists in this, that he was wanting to lay hold of God as a spirit, without the clothing in which He has clothed Himself, that is, apart from Christ's humanity and apart from the outward gifts of baptism and the Holy Supper.














Whoever does not have the [Invisible] Holy Christian Church on earth for a mother does not have God in heaven for a Father. (Kromayer) Outside of the Invisible Christian Church, there is no salvation. (Gerhard) Everything that happens and that will happen is bound up with the gathering and completion of the Holy Christian Church.

Besides situations in which you must confess your faith also by denying earthly things, every true Christian is a citizen of this world and must do what the duties of the second table of the law require, as well as pay their debts to others. (Luther)