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HOLY COMMUNION FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAYS Theological axioms collected by Walther. This month's theme:

the Holy Sacraments.

Not the absence of the sacraments, but the despising of them, is what damns. (Bernhard) Baptism is nothing other than God's Word in water, appointed and ordered by Him. (Smalcald Articles) 8 pm ISU Bible Study - Durham Ctr. Madison Tjernagel

Jennifer Firmstone

All water has already been consecrated by Christ at the Jordan. (Augustine)
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Revelation 7:9-17

Circuit Winkel

Mason City


Mark Tjernagel

Kim Bogenschutz 7 pm Bible Study 8 pm ISU Bible Study - Durham Ctr. You do well to distinguish between the administration of baptism and the mode of administration: the administration is necessary, but the mode of administration is arbitrary. (Gerhard)
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Third Last Sunday

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Lisa Tjernagel

Veterans Day

In the administra- tion of baptism, do not look at who does it, but at what he does. (Kromayer) Being baptized in God's Name means you are baptized not by men, but by God Himself. (Large Catechism) 7 pm Bible Study 8 pm ISU Bible Study - Durham Ctr. What God appoints and commands must not be something useless, but something sheerly exquisite, even if, to all appearances, it were more trifling than a stalk of straw. (Large Catechism)

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Second Last Sunday

2 Thessalonians 1:3-10



There is a distinction between an act appearing to be correct and an act being valid. (Dannhauer)

Baptism is not our work, but God's. (Large Catechism) THANKSGIVING EVE VESPERS SERVICE: 7pm THANKSGIVING DAY. GIVE GLORY TO GOD FOR HIS ABUNDANT MERCY AND LOVE Fewer things are necessary for a baptism to be valid than for it to be performed in a proper manner. (Dannhauer)
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CHRIST THE KING SUNDAY Colossians 1:15-20 Heretics who retain what is essential to baptism have legitimate baptism, but in an illegitimate way. (Kromayer) 7 pm Bible Study 8 pm ISU Bible Study - Durham Ctr. There is much that is relevant to the administration of baptism that can be missing when it is administered without making it invalid.

(L. Hartmann)















When a thing has been received unjustly, any benefit from it belongs to the rightful owner, not to the illegitimate possessor. (Dannhauer) Do not flatter yourselves because we do not consider your baptism invalid. It is not yours: it belongs to the whole church. (Augustine) Rebaptizing someone into an heretical fellowship is by all means a sin: rebaptizing someone orthodox is the most frightful transgression. (Augustine) My faith doesn't make baptism, but receives it. (Large Catechism)